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Did You Know? Submitting Documents and Contacting Your Specialist

Policy Update: Contract and Lease Initial Term Dates

Tips: Volunteering for the New Year

How Can We Help? Learn About Resident Services Programs

HCV Program Contacts

How can we help?

Our programs help educate and build soft skills for participants to become more self-reliant and lessen their dependence on governmental assistance.

Services to Help with What You Need Most

HADC affiliate, Resident Services Corporation, partners with a variety of partners who can work with your family to achieve your goals. Through these services and programs, we can help you:

Increase Your Earning Power

Find employment, start a business or advance in a job. Learn about career opportunities, training programs, workshops and classes.

Achieve Economic Independence

Build wealth and decrease your reliance on subsidy. Learn about what it takes to own a home, prepare a budget, increase financial literacy, increase savings AND MORE.

Improve Academic Achievement

Engage in programs for both youth and adults to help you advance your education. Learn about financial aid, scholarships, GED, youth programs AND MORE.

Enhance Your Quality of Life

Access resources to remain compliant with the HCV Program or access other supportive services. Gain assistance with understanding your lease, reduce barriers or access other supportive services.

Contact a member of the Resident Services Special Programs team to register for the next informational session. Link here to email Resident Services at

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Happy New Year! Did You Know?
Submitting Documents and Contacting Your Specialist
One of the best ways to submit documents is by sending them to your Housing Specialist via email. This is because emailing documents provides you with a record of the submission. In addition, you are submitting the documents directly to the person who can best assist you with no delays due to forwarding.

Effective January 1, 2020, the below general email inboxes have been disabled, and participants will no longer be able to submit documents to them:
annualrecertifications@dekalbhousing . org
interimrecertifications@dekalbhousing . org

Submitting Documents and Contacting Your SpecialistYou can find your Housing Specialist's email address and phone number on the HADC website and by linking HERE. Please note that your Housing Specialist's phone number also serves as their direct fax number should you choose to submit documents via fax.

Specialists are assigned alphabetically and by program. If you are unsure who your Specialist is, click the above link and locate the Specialist who is assigned to the first letter of your last name and your program (HCV, Port-in, Project-Based, etc.). If you need assistance identifying who your Housing Specialist is, please feel free to contact Client Services at 404-270-2500.

Please be advised that documents will still be accepted at the front desk, via fax and through the drop box.

Policy Update:
Contract and Lease Initial Term Dates
The HADC HCV Program has changed its policy regarding the initial term dates for all Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) Contracts and leases. Prior to the change, HAP Contract and lease initial terms could be more than one year; however, the initial terms must now be exactly one year.

Example of the prior practice: Unit passes inspection on December 22, 2019; the initial term of the Contract and lease would be December 22, 2019 to December 31, 2020. The initial term in this example is 12 months and 9 days.

Example of the new practice: Unit passes inspection on December 22, 2019; the initial term of the Contract and lease will be December 22, 2019 to December 21, 2020. The term in this example is one year.

Please note that the lease and HAP Contract initial term dates must be the same; and payments cannot be approved if the lease does not comply with the new policy. If there are any questions, please feel free to contact Kentrye Cornelious at

Volunteering for the New Year
Volunteering Tips for the New Year
Have you thought about starting to volunteer or doing more volunteer work for the new year? If so, here are some tips to help you get started.
  1. Consider the causes or issues that are important to you, and research what organizations are working with these causes. The organizations may have volunteer opportunities that would be a great fit with your interests.
  2. Consider the unique skills you have to offer. You may want to search for volunteer opportunities that would incorporate your skills, previous experience and/or personality traits.
  3. Is there a new skill you would like to learn, or would you like to gain exposure in a new area? Volunteering may give you an opportunity to master a new skill, make new connections and/or add variety to your daily routine.
  4. Is there a personal goal you have that volunteering can help you reach? For example, if your goal is to lose weight, active work, such as volunteering to clean a park or working with kids, could help you reach that goal.
  5. Carefully consider the time commitment you are willing and able to make, and don't over-commit.
For more tips on volunteering, visit