HADC / Housing Choice Voucher Program 

FALL 2014

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New Owner Portal

The Housing Authority of DeKalb County (HADC), Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program is excited to announce the implementation of its Owner Portal. The portal will allow our property owners/managing agents to access information relating to their properties currently under contract with HADC. Owners can access payment ledgers, link to inspection information, and program documents.  The portal is available any time, day or night, and is updated routinely to ensure current information is displayed. To access the portal and register now, CLICK HERE.



For RTAs issued after June 1, 2014, the Housing Authority of DeKalb County (HADC) will no longer reopen initial inspection requests for the following situations:

  • two failed inspections, 
  • failure to respond to a scheduled inspection request within 5 days from the submission of request for tenancy approval, 
  • utilities off at the time of an inspection, or 
  • the unit is not move in ready when the inspector arrives.
Voucher holders will need to locate a new unit and submit a new RTA in these situations.

Coming Soon

The HADC will begin implementing biennial (every 24 month) inspections, beginning in the Fall of 2014, with the exception of VASH participants.  

The HADC will be using a staggered format to determine what units we will inspect this year and what units we will inspect next year. All participants and owners will continue to receive inspection notices by mail if an inspection is to be completed for the unit.

The HADC will still perform initial inspections prior to executing a HAP contract and on an interim basis when requested by a participating family or government official. 

Federal Laws Everyone Should Know
VAWA (Violence Against Women Act)

The Violence Against Women Act states, in part, that criminal activity directly relating to domestic violence, dating violence, or stalking, engaged in by a member of a client's household or any guest or other person under the client's control, shall not be cause for termination of assistance, tenancy, or occupancy rights if the client or an immediate member of the client's family is the victim or threatened victim of that abuse. The law also provides that an incident or incidents of actual or threatened domestic violence, dating violence, or stalking will not be construed as serious or repeated violations of the lease by the victim or threatened victim of that violence and will not be "good cause" for termination of the assistance, tenancy, or occupancy rights of a victim of such violence.


The Federal Fair Housing Act

The Federal Fair Housing Act protects seven classes from discrimination in housing, including: race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability and familial status. The Fair Housing Act also requires housing providers to make reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities. A reasonable accommodation is a change in rules, policies, practices, or services so that a person with a disability will have an equal opportunity to use and enjoy a dwelling unit or common space. A housing provider should do everything they can to assist, but they are not required to make changes that would fundamentally alter the program or create an undue financial and administrative burden. Reasonable accommodations may be necessary at all stages of the leasing process, including application, tenancy, or to prevent eviction.

Looking For A Place To List Vacant Units?
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Interested In Learning More?
Attend An Owner Briefing

Owners who have not previously participated in the HCV Program are encouraged to attend an HADC Owner Briefing. In the Owner Briefing, the terms of the Tenancy Addendum, HAP contract, along with other HCV Program requirements will be explained. HUD and HADC policies and procedures will also be explained to owners and managers in easy-to-understand language along with information about their rights and obligations under VAWA.  

The dates and times below are open to all of our program owners, old and new.  Please visit our website to register for a briefing or show up at any of the meeting times below.

October 21, 2014 (2 p.m. or 6 p.m.)
November 18, 2014 (2 p.m. or 6 p.m.)
December 16, 2014 (2 p.m. or 6 p.m.)

Contact Information
Inspections/Compliance Supervisor Email Extension
Kentrye Cornelious Kentrye.Cornelious@dekalbhousing.org 404-270-2533
Inspections/Compliance Analyst    
Ben Ezell Ben.Ezell@dekalbhousing.org 404-270-2599
Inspections Administrator    
Eric Hollis Eric.Hollis@dekalbhousing.org 404-270-2641