Housing Choice Voucher Program - Spring 2016
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Helping Children Get a "Great Start"
Great Start GA

Great Start Georgia of DeKalb County helps expectant mothers and children (newborn to age five) and their families learn about the services available in our community that help children get a "great start" in life.

Great Start's information and referral center directory has resources on everything from how to find a doctor to finding quality child care to learning about your child's growth and development. Information is also available for parents with serious concerns – including employment, medical insurance, depression, developmental delays and other child care needs.

Call 404-990-7303 or email DeKalb's Community Screener today for more information. Visit www.greatstartgeorgia.org for access to Great Start's online information and referral center.

HCV Administrative Plan Changes

Recent updates approved by the HADC's Board of Commissioners for the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Administrative Plan include the following:

  1. Briefings may be conducted online. This is not something that is currently available; however it is something we are working towards.
  2. Added the implementation of Triennial Income Verifications for fixed income families. This will result in fewer documents to complete for families or individuals to complete when recertifying income.
  3. Added the allowance for self-certification of assets. This allows for the self-certification of all assets under $5,000.
  4. We have added a Homeownership pilot program. This will allow for the processing of up to 25 homeownership clients every calendar year back to our program. More information to be provided in the coming months.
  5. Added language around DeKalb County code enforcement violations or police calls to a property. If the violations via DeKalb County code enforcement are the responsibility of the property owner, we may ban the unit and/or the owner from the program if issues are persistent and/or are not addressed.

Link here to view the entire HCV Program Administrative Plan.

RTA Processing Updates
RTA Processing Updates

A Request for Tenancy Approval (RTA) processing tutorial is now available online.

Important additional RTA updates include:

  1. Landlords and tenants will now be notified via email when the RTA has been denied.
  2. It is important for both landlord and tenant to provide an active email address.
  3. All RTAs will require a model (unexecuted) lease.
  4. The unit must be move-in ready.
  5. All leases must be received two business days after the unit passes inspection. Failure to submit the lease and contract within this time frame may result in a cancellation of the RTA.
Pathways 2 Empowerment. Better Jobs, Better Living
Pathways 2 Empowerment
The Housing Authority is committed to helping HCV participants achieve more and improve their lives. HADC is now partnering with Urban League of Greater Atlanta to offer a job readiness training program, Pathways 2 Empowerment (P2E). The 8-week intensive training program offers select HADC voucher holders, who are ready to work, the opportunity to obtain marketable skills and prepare for the workplace. This is a terrific opportunity for HCV families to increase avenues that will lead to employment and greater independence. To participate, you must be highly-motivated and be the head of household (between 21 and 51 years of age). For more information about the P2E program, please email HADC’s Family Self Sufficiency Coordinator today at fss@dekalbhousing.org.
Customer Service Surveys
Customer service surveysThank you to all who completed the customer service surveys that we have been sending out. From your feedback we have been making some changes to our operation in order to serve you better. Additionally, please allow up to 48 hours for us to return voice mails.
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