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Success Lives Here: One Participant's Pathway to Self-Sufficiency

Spotlight: Housing Choice Voucher Graduates

Break It Down: Requesting a Voucher Extension

Customer Service Survey Highlight

How Can We Help? Learn about Resident Services programs

HCV Program Contacts

Resident Services Corporation

How can we help?

Our programs help educate and build soft skills for participants to become more self-reliant and lessen their dependence on governmental assistance.

Services to Help with What You Need Most

HADC affiliate, Resident Services Corporation, partners with a variety of partners who can work with your family to achieve your goals. Through these services and programs, we can help you:

Increase Your Earning Power

Find employment, start a business or advance in a job. Learn about career opportunities, training programs, workshops and classes.

Achieve Economic Independence

Build wealth and decrease your reliance on subsidy. Learn about what it takes to own a home, prepare a budget, increase financial literacy, increase savings AND MORE.

Improve Academic Achievement

Engage in programs for both youth and adults to help you advance your education. Learn about financial aid, scholarships, GED, youth programs AND MORE.

Enhance Your Quality of Life

Access resources to remain compliant with the HCV Program or access other supportive services. Gain assistance with understanding your lease, reduce barriers or access other supportive services.

Contact a member of the Resident Services Special Programs team to register for the next informational session. Link here to email Resident Services at

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HCV Program Contacts

HCV Program Contacts

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Success Lives Here:
One Participant's Pathway to Self-Sufficiency
One Participant's Pathway to Self-Sufficiency After 25 years of being a recipient of housing assistance, Jacque Sanders met her goal of becoming self-sufficient and homeownership in December 2018! A mother of six, whose ages range from 14-33, Jacque was determined to make a better life for her and her children. Jacque knew it was time for her to become self-sufficient when she enrolled in the Resident Service's Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program. She worked with her case manager to identify specific goals and strategies for her to achieve long-term self-sufficiency. Her goals included increasing her income, as well as building savings and credit so she could qualify for homeownership. In 2018, with her youngest child in school and another young adult living at home, Jacque decided that she wanted to be self-sufficient and independent from public assistance.

Link here to read more about Jacque's Pathway to Self-Sufficiency and see other resident success stories.

Housing Choice Voucher Graduates
Housing Choice Voucher Graduates
As a participant family's income increases, the amount of rental subsidy decreases. If the amount of assistance provided by the Housing Authority of DeKalb County (HADC) drops to zero and remains there for 180 consecutive calendar days, the assistance automatically terminates and the family 'graduates' from the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program. Between January 2017, and December 2018, 90 participants have graduated from the program and are now sustaining their housing independent from HCV assistance. Congratulations to the graduates!

Break It Down:
Requesting a Voucher Extension
Voucher Extension When participants are issued a voucher to move, the voucher expires in 60 days. The participant must locate a new unit and submit a Request for Tenancy Approval before the voucher expires.

If additional time is needed to locate a unit, a Voucher Extension Request Form must be submitted prior to the voucher expiration date. Link here to access the form.

HADC will approve one 30-day extension upon written request from the participant only in the following circumstances:
  1. It is necessary as a reasonable accommodation for a person with disabilities.
  2. It is necessary due to reasons beyond the participant's control, as determined by HADC.
Following is a list of extenuating circumstances that HADC may consider in making its decision. The presence of the circumstances listed below does not guarantee that an extension will be granted.
  • Serious illness or death in the family
  • Obstacles due to employment
  • Whether the family has already submitted Requests for Tenancy Approval (RTAs) that were not approved by HADC
  • Whether family size or other special requirements make finding a unit difficult
  • Other similar circumstances identified by the HADC

If a voucher expires, a participant’s assistance may be terminated. Please note, informal hearings cannot be requested due to voucher expiration.

Please contact your Housing Specialist with any questions.

Customer Service Survey Highlight
HADC Client Services currently receives an average of 222 calls and 118 visitors per day.

Each quarter, HADC sends a customer service survey via email to our participants and landlords to help gain feedback regarding the level of customer service they received when calling or visiting. On average, the number of survey responses received are 519, with approximately 83% from participants, 16% from landlords, and 1% from the general public. Thank you to all who participated in the surveys!

Housing Choice Voucher Graduates