Housing Choice Voucher Program - Spring 2016
Landlord Lines
Direct Deposit Required for HAP Payments
Direct Deposit Required for HAP PaymentsAs of October 1, 2016, all Owners will be required to receive HAP payments through direct deposit, as paper checks will no longer be mailed out. Letters will be sent to any remaining owners still receiving paper checks over the next two months. If you need assistance or have any questions on what information you need to submit, please contact Kea'mesha Hardin at 404-270-2628.
Owner Outreach and Education Fair
Owner Outreach and Education FairHADC is in the process of developing an Owner Outreach and Education Fair to encourage new Owners to participate in the program and educate existing Owners. We will be conducting a survey to gather information as to what our Owners need, what they would want to learn more about, and how we can improve the level of service that we provide. A survey will be emailed out soon, so please respond once you have received it so we can provide you with valuable information.
New Initiative: Hotels to Permanency
New Initiative: Hotels to Permanency The Housing Authority is working with a group of partners to place vulnerable families with children, who have been living in hotels, into permanent housing. This specific program provides a 12-month subsidy to these families in which they are paired with case managers who work with them to become self-sufficient. The program is similar to the Housing Choice Voucher Program in that HADC will pay the subsidy to the property owners, however it is different in that the criminal background checks done by the Housing Authority will not be as strict, we will pay the security deposit for the family for up to twice the deposit amount, and we will assist with utility deposits. If anyone is interested in learning more or is willing to be a participating owner in the program, please contact Janice Stewart at 404-270-2554.
Legislative update
Legislative updateThe U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate both recently passed a bill called the Housing Opportunities through Modernization Act (HOTMA). The bill is anticipated to be signed by the President. Once signed and HUD guidance is provided, there will be some significant changes to Inspections and Project Based Vouchers. Link here if are interested in learning more about this bill.
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