Termination of Assistance FAQs

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Can I lose my rental assistance?

There are a number of ways families can lose their rental assistance. Here is a partial list of typical reasons that are usually sufficient to cause HADC to stop rental assistance to a family:

  1. Not complying with the terms of the Housing Choice Voucher Program family obligations.
  2. If any member has been evicted from public housing
  3. Any member commits fraud, bribery or any other corrupt or criminal act in connection with any federal housing program
  4. Vacating the housing unit without proper notice
  5. Allowing unauthorized persons to live in the housing unit.
  6. Failing to report or under reporting changes in income or to provide information required by the Housing Authority for recertification of the family's continued eligibility for rental assistance.
  7. Owing money to any Public Housing Authority (PHA).
  8. If any family member residing in the unit is involved in drug-related or criminal activities.
  9. Serious or repeated lease violations.

What is considered drug related or violent criminal activity?

Drug related crime and violent crime are problems everywhere across the country. Federal regulations provide for termination of assistance to those who participate in these activities. Be sure that you and members of your family residing in your unit are not involved. Note that the regulations also state that a person does not have to be arrested or convicted in order for their assistance to terminate.